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“Sam is an outstanding piano teacher devoted to music education -- not just teaching a child to play a piece of music, but helping a child become a musician.  We have had two children in lessons with Sam for the past six years.  They have learned music history and music theory along with their pieces, and they have had the opportunity to play classical, modern, jazz (and even a few popular songs when they have asked for them).  Sam listens to his students and, as they advance, carefully selects pieces that he thinks they will enjoy learning to play.  He is friendly, supportive, engaging and encouraging as a teacher – giving kids space to learn to love music while learning to play. Sam has provided numerous opportunities for performance – in low key, non-stressful environments, as well as opportunities for serious competition.  Over this period of time, Sam has also been a constant innovator – bringing his own continuing education to benefit of the students and introducing games, computer learning opportunities, recorded performances, new practicing techniques, and even an electric piano to complement his traditional Steinway grand. Sam has been extremely open to working with me as a parent as well, making adjustments in lesson or practice plans or even choice of music to accommodate the kids’ changing interests and schedules over the years.  In short - an all around terrific music teacher!”
 Jolynn D., parent
“Sam is the piano teacher I wish I had had as a child. He is amazingly patient, encouraging and fun - yet he has real expectations for his students. He sets goals which are realistic but require effort. His "piano parties" are an opportunity for everyone, at every level, to demonstrate what they've learned in a fun, no-stress environment. Sam's gentle approach, combined with his substantial teaching skills, accommodate a wide range of students. I recommend Sam highly.”
 Heather L., parent
Sam Marion's teaching combines deep knowledge--of music, music history and all aspects of piano technique--with a warm and supportive manner. Our son, who's now twelve, has studied with Sam for four years and appreciates Sam's flexibility in working with various kinds of music. While challenging and inspiring his students to excel, Sam never loses sight of the need to keep it fun, too!
Jodi and John B., parents
My seven year old son, who started taking lessons with Mr. Marion in kindergarten, explains that Mr. Marion is "really nice" and he "really likes" his piano lessons.  I appreciate Sam's ability to encourage his young students and to help them work hard and play their best.  I'm confident that my son is on his way to developing a lifelong love of music and solid grounding in music theory, history, and performance.
Emily M., parent

Sam sets realistic expectations for his students and has endless patience in his approach. He offers a great mix of things for students to practice, including improvisation and keyboard skills, allowing students always to have something fun to do while also learning basic music theory and technique.  
Lou B., parent

Sam is a great teacher. He is especially good at meeting kids at their level, giving them stuff that is not too hard but also things that are challenging. He is very good at explaining things.  
Benjamin K., student
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